Wouldn’t you love to own a trading robot that works for you while you are doing other things? Today I’d like to introduce such information to you on this website – Brokertable.

ClocksI came across this stuff googling in 2016 looking for a solution for myself who wants to have the comfort of earning money comfortably and disciplined. And today I will share with you what I figured out so far.

On this website you will find all basic information that you’ll need to setup your own trading robot. You do not just get a product or plain, wildly gathered information. If you read through this site you will get all relevant information just without the trial and error I had to go through.

This website is dedicated everyone who wants to know what algorithmic trading is, all what comes along with it and apply it. Meaning the right trading robot (expert advisor), a good broker and a good VPS.

So let’s not waste precious time. Let’s go on to the next section and let’s first see what the advantages of trading are.




First of all I’d like to tell you the advantage of trading in general.

RobotToday almost all of us are trapped in the so-called hamsterwheel where we need to earn money, our job.

Thus we often feel the desire to break free. So why not setup our own structure that might enable you to work towards financial freedom and independence?

In order to earn money or let equity grow everyone of us needs a structure, an own infrastructure (e.g. a business, trading or investing).  As mentioned in the first section here we’ll focus and concentrate on algorithmic trading with trading robots (expert advisors). AND we focus on trading the foreign exchange market (FOREX).




Let’s next have a look on, a website that shows beginners all basic knowledge that is essential to trade the FOREX market.

ForexBabypips offers good free content where you can take courses and pass exams in their forex trading school progressing until their ultimate level.

So take your time! Don’t just jump in the market as I did years ago and get burnt!

As a first step, it is ESSENTIAL to do THEIR COURSES in order to have sound knowledge of the subject of trading!





On the one hand you can trade manually. You need to push the buttons yourself, set stop losses, define take profits, etc. But sometimes MARKETS ARE TOO FAST and YOU MIGHT BE TOO SLOW!

Algorithmic tradingSo on the other hand nowadays there is another way called ALGORITHMIC TRADING. Algorithmic trading means that a computer program executes, fills and closes your orders depending on its capability and what you have defined with the program’s algorithm and set file.

The computer program you’ll need is in most cases a so-called trading robot or expert advisor (EA). We will focus here on what is available for everyone. (Big investment banks, funds or hedge funds may use programmes and computers with larger capacities.)

There are different ways or strategies of algorithmic trading and trading robots (expert advisors / EAs). Let’s here just mention a few of them: martingale, grid, arbitrage, hedging, scalping, news, trend, level trading, neural networks, multicurrency.

Either you program your own trade bot, you let it programed or you simply purchase one that suits your strategy best.



What do you basically need in order to trade algorithmicly?

and a VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVER = VPS (your PC would do but you then need to let it run 24/7)


Let’s have a look into the computer program that gives everyone access to trading forex: Meta Trader 4.


1. Get METATRADER now!

How you use Meta Trader

Currently there are two versions of Meta Trader available for you, Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5. Still the one most common in use and the one we need is Meta Trader 4.

Here is the official link to website where you can download Meta Trader 4:

If you cannot download Metatrader 4 via the link above or the installation file installs Metatrader 5 please check out the link offered by my broker in order to get Metatrader 4

FBS Logo

FBS. Click here or on the following FBS icon to register a cent account. Of course you can open any other account later on.

Once you’ve registered click on the trading platform on the left-hand side and choose Metatrader 4 for your OS (operating system).


Before you continue and in order to be able to purchase products in Metatrader 4 you should sign up on

This is your gateway to all your programs that you may apply on your Metatrader 4 client.


The MQL5 community and sellers are always very helpful. Especially the MQL5 forum is very helpful:

Also, the documentation ( and articles ( section serve as large knowledge bases where you can continually educate yourself.


How you can buy a robot or indicator

In the following video, you can see how to buy a trading robot or indicator in the market of Metatrader.


How you can search and choose robots, indicators and utilities

For a better product choice and decision the next video shows you how to search and choose robots, indicators and other utilities.


How you can browse the MQL5 market better

You can browse the MQL5 market for a better overview here in your browser:

If you have decided for a trading robot we recommend to purchase it in the market of your Metatrader 4 client directly.


How you can test a product before you buy

Before you purchase any product we recommend to test first test its demo version. The next video shows you how to do so.


How you can get free applications and samples of programer’s from the code base

In the following video you can see how to get free applications from the code base of Metatrader.


Here is the link to the MQL5 code base:


How you can update, renew or reinstall products in Metatrader

If you want to update, renew the rental period or reinstall products in Metatrader the following video shows you how to do so.


How you can let your own trading robot being programmed for you

After some time and when having gained enough experience you can write a concept of your trading idea and order a trading robot from a suitable skilled programmer from the freelance service in Metatrader. You can order your own robot or indicator under this section in MQL5:



How you can create your own trading robot

For more advanced algorithmic traders the following video shows you how to create an own trading robot in the MQL5 wizard of Metatrader.




A good trading robot depends on the preferences of the user. So basically it is up to you which strategy you like most. Most programmers show you trading results of their trading robots and support you with all questions regarding their system.

I ‘d like to share with you a trading robot I do use in my daily trading.

Here is a video of what it is capable to do and how it can generate profit for you while doing other things you love.

And the best thing about it! You get HIGHEND and SMART TECHNOLOGY not for 10,000 USD, not for 5,000 USD, not for even 1,000 USD!!!

Get it at an AMAZING PRICE as long as it is AVAILABLE!!!



CLICK on the following icon or link to get to the product and BUY IT TODAY as long as it is available at that price!!! 

Trend hedge box logo

Trading Robot EA – TREND HEDGE BOX


3. Get you a GOOD BROKER NOW!

How you find a good broker 

In order not to lose a lot of money I recommend beginners to use so called cent accounts. USD, GBP, EUR, etc. are converted into cent amounts of each currency. That allows you to trade with a hundred times smaller amount of money. Besides that using cent accounts can be a good way to minimize and manage risk properly.

For the beginning we would like to introduce you a good broker that covers all different types of trading accounts:

FBS. Click here or on the following FBS icon to register a cent account. Of course you can open any other account later on. GET YOUR FBS ACCOUNT TODAY!!!

FBS Logo


4. Finally… Get a good VPS!

How you find a good virtual private server (VPS)

In order to be able to do full algorithmic trading via a trading robot, you should use a VPS. MQL5 offers affordable forex VPS solutions.


How you can rent a VPS

Here you can see how to rent a VPS in Metatrader.


How you can migrate robots and signals to your virtual hosting

This next video shows you how to prepare migrating robots and signals to your virtual hosting in Metatrader.


How you can control resources and manage virtual hosting subscriptions

Finally this last video explains how you can control resources and manage virtual hosting subscriptions in Metatrader.


I do recommend you, however, to consider a VPS that can handle more than one Meta Trader client at once at an affordable price.

Therefore we use VPS solutions from Contabo where we can run multiple clients and trading robots. CLICK HERE OR THE ICON BELOW and GET YOUR OWN VPS TODAY!!!





Risk Disclaimer for Forex Trading

Trading forex (foreign exchange) on margin contains a high level of risk. It may not be appropriate for all traders and investors. Previous performances do not reflect future developments and results. Before you do any investment in foreign exchange please consider your investment goals, experience level and risk disposition. High leverages may work in your favor but may work against you as well. There is always the risk that you suffer losses of some or all of your initial investment. Thus only trade with money that you can afford to lose. In case of any questions or doubts please look for advice from an independent financial advisor. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading. Using a trading robot does not replace proper education in the field of trading or investing.