How to backtest set files in Metatrader

How to backtest set files in Metatrader

Did you know this about using a trading robot?

Owning and even using a trading robot is nice, sometimes entertaining, sometimes exciting but how can you get the most out of it?

Did you know? Like for every program you need certain setups for each trading robot as well.


The right tires for the right racing track

Let’s compare trading with a formula 1 car race.

While the formula 1 is the market, each race is a different currency pair. Your car is your trading strategy. And while the engine is your trading robot, you might wanna have the right set of tires for your car which are the set files.

So what are the right tires? There are no right tires in general. The answer depends on a lot of circumstances. Your style of driving, your personal risk appetite, your safety orientation, your ability to find the right tires but also the occurances

While the trading robot might be the engine of your trading strategy you might wanna find the right tires You should use a custom set file for each currency pair despite using the same trading robot.

So let’s leave the racing track now and continue with our trading track.


What you should essentially do when applying a trading robot to a currency pair

Essentially you should configure the set files as good as possible and check how the trading robot would have performed with this set file on the respective currency pair with your broker for a certain time span in the past.

Here you find examples of how to find and backtest set files for the expert advisor Trend Hedge Box. The elaborated set files were tested with data from our broker FBS. All backtests were conducted from 01.01.2018 until 23.01.2019.

Enjoy the videos!


Trading robot:

Trend Hedge Box


Currency Pairs:




















Where can you find the set files applied above?

If you want to learn how to trade with trading robots like Trend Hedge Box you will find more information here:


Links to all applied set files:


Link to trading robot “Trend Hedge Box”: